The cabin at Alp da Canaa

Two buildings at Alp da Canaa have been completely renovated and can now be used by visitors. The cabin is open from mid-May until the end of October. It has a simple kitchen, a bathroom with shower, and a dormitory (16 beds with down comforters).

The cabin can be reached by climbing the following mountain paths (difficulty T2):

  • Lodano – Castèll – Alp da Canaa, 4h 30′
  • Lodano – Soláda d Zóra – Alp di Pii – Alp da Canaa, 4h 40′
  • Gresso – Pass d la Bássa – Alp da Canaa, 3h


Accomodation rules (COVID-19)

For reservations and information:
Patriziato di Lodano,

Bank details:
CH68 8037 9000 1015 0735 6 (Banca Raiffeisen Locarno, CH-6601 Locarno)

Emergency shelters

At Alp di Pii and at Alp da Tramón there are two simple huts for emergency shelter, with enough room to spend the night (but no beds) and an open fire on which to cook (wood is available). The huts are open approximately from mid-June to mid-October.

For additional information: Patriziato di Lodano,