Lodano is a small village in the lower part of Vallemaggia, about 15 km from Locarno, at an altitude of 340 meters. A wide valley opens just above the village and its vineyards. Valle di Lodano is home to a large forest reserve with fascinating landscapes, rich with flora and fauna, and filled with testimonies of past human activities. These elements were restored and enhanced thanks to a large interdisciplinary project with a holistic approach. The project led to several landscape improvements as well as historical and scientific research.

Valle di Lodano Projects

Learn about the Forest Reserve as well as the project to enhance and protect the landscape.

Discover the History

Discover the history and stories of Valle di Lodano, from alpine activities to forest exploitation and charcoal production sites.

Explore the Nature

Explore the untouched nature of this magnificent valley, from forests to open spaces.

Suggested Itineraries

Discover Valle di Lodano through four thematic itineraries.

The Alp da Canaa Cabin and Other Shelter

Find shelter in any situation, whether at the Alp da Canaa cabin or in emergency huts.

Guided Excursions

Take excursions with competent guides to learn about the history and nature of Valle di Lodano.


Read about the wonders of Valle di Lodano in a book and brochure.


Take a peek at Valle di Lodano through aerial photography, black & white images, and videos.


Cabin Alp da Canaa

The Alp da Canaa cabin is open from 12 June. Reservation is mandatory.

It is imperative to comply with the COVID-19 rules.

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