Itinerary 1
Lodano - Soláda - Castèll - Lodano

On this easy climb hikers will encounter evidence of past logging activities and discover low altitude forest species

This hike winds along a comfortable path where you will find two examples of past forest activities, logging and charcoal production. The path goes through some well-preserved mountain settlements and leads to panoramic viewpoints over the majestic Maggia River basin and inside remote corners of Valle di Lodano. On this journey you will come across forest types characteristic of lower altitudes.

Technical information

  • Start and finish:
    Lodano, 341 m
  • Distance:
    7 km
  • Hiking time:
    3 h 30 min
  • Altitude difference:
    790 m
  • Highest point:
    887 m
  • Difficulty:
    Easy hike, suitable for families (T2)